TAG Gallery is home to a diverse collection of contemporary fine art and welcomes Los Angeles area artists working in all mediums. Located on Museum Row - TAG offers artists exposure at a world-class arts destination. TAG is owned by its members, who share in business decisions, responsibilities and expenses. We also employ a professional Gallery Director and staff.

Applications will be accepted all year, for membership beginning January of the following year if an opening occurs.  We have a two-stage application process. Stage 1 consists of completing the application below.


What members get:

•  Each TAG artist exhibits once a year with two other artists.

•  TAG artists also participate in group shows each year, and their work is shown every month in TAG's Loft Gallery.

•  Each artist receives 75% of sales on their artwork; the gallery takes a commission of 25% on sales

•  Representation by TAG is non-exclusive; many TAG artists are also represented by other galleries.

What members give:

Member dues are $3000 per year. First-year members also pay a $500 initiation fee. All TAG members contribute to the gallery's success through their active participation. Members are required to attend brief monthly meetings, join a committee that interests them, and spend 12 hours per year contributing to the gallery.

Admissions Process:

Throughout the year, TAG accepts applications from Los Angeles-area artists. Membership is capped at 40 artists, and the number of spaces available varies from year to year. Applications are open now!